Image of mesmix VOL.1 - mesmi UP TO NOW

mesmix VOL.1 - mesmi UP TO NOW

$10.00 – $17.00
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  • Compilation CD - $10.00
  • I'd like my CD signed - $10.00
  • &Collectible Art Postcard w/ Personalized Note - $14.00
  • &Set of 4 Collectible Art Postcards - $17.00
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Compilation of mesmi says hi + Stranger's House + Broken/Prevail

Physical CD containing mesmi's first three releases: mesmi says hi, Stranger's House and Broken/Prevail.

Collectible art postcards feature mesmi's personal travel photography and are published by VATOCA.

*If you have specifications on which Postcard set you would like, or to whom you would like the package personalized to, please let us know in the "Notes to Seller" section during checkout.